Thanks to I was able to make my own little platform shelf :)

*hums the mario theme*

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Prayers from Cosplayers

Sending my wishes to Japan after finding this wonderful site :) I hope that all you cosplayers I know out there will come along and support them as well ^^

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Two Times a Charm

I got myself into two issues of Neo Magazine :D I was incredibly excited, especially as it was a bit of a suprise, after slaving at countless costumes this was refreshing at most. It was nice to be recognised in the cosplay corner with two of my favourite costumes! :)

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Zombies like Purikura too

-Zoe’s Birthday ^^

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My progress through the Portal- fan art

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Not in cruelty,
Not in wrath,
The reaper came today,
An angel visited this gray path,
And took the cube away

I wanted to do a Portal fan art when I was playing through portal again and the poem on the wall also inspired me. I hate the scene where you have to drop the cube into the furnice, it took me soo long to do, and I thought I could make a mini digital art piece about it.

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Food for Thought

A little sketch of the state i get myslf in with an animation workspace- doritos chips and crumbs flying, J2O, research falling off the side, messy hair, milk tray chocolates, sushi with the left over tuna wrap, brand new eyes CD and splendips- nice

And it keeps coming!…

This series just seemed to explode from the first sketch I did. The original ‘Escape Fox’ was a test for my photoshop CS5 but as it turns out, she’s an original character now :3 hope u’ve enjoyed the series as much as i’ve been illustrating it. It may carry on, but u’ll have to see ^^…

Fox Art Speed Paint

A few people had been asking how I’ve been drawing my current series so with that in mind, I recorded a speed paint of one of the scenes of my fox girl. To be honest it’s not the best image i could have used, but tough i did it with this one XD hope you enjoy it, the whole image took me roughly 45 mins :)

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Escape Fox

My Digital Art Work from after my tablet started working again. It’s an original character done in photoshop- Emma T

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